Some say that profit is the root of all evil, however there are others that say it is religion. Although religion is more widely known to make an individual a better person, there are cases with extremist groups. Tell which you believe is true whether it be none, one or both and explain why you believe this. (@ 'con fuzzled' : Hopefully further elaborating on my question helped you understand where I was getting at.)
K-Nhat Tran
6/2/2010 12:38:45 pm

I believe both profit and religion could lead to the root of evil. Profit as in money can change people. In putting so much focus in trying to make profit, people tend to forget the more valuable things of life than money. Money and profit can distance you from the world. Religion can be seen in similar ways. Both these topics can lead to a form of evil or so to speak. If i weighed a scale of evilness between profit and religion. Profit would be a more evil thing. Hope i made sense in this long comment :D

Victor Ngo
6/2/2010 01:03:04 pm

In my opinion, the epitome of evil can come from both profit and religion. Profit can lead to greed which can be classified as evil and is one of the seven deadly sins. The person loses a sense of what's right and wrong in life. They forget about ethics. Religion introduces discrimination in the world and religions feel as if they are dominant which is excessive pride and also another deadly sin.
Yes yes.

Bill Nguyen
6/2/2010 01:35:45 pm

Profit and religion are both two ideas that are far too specific to be blamed for the root of all evil. Although profit and religion may bring disagreements that cause issues, it also brings purpose to an individual who is in need of one. Only the abuse of these two concepts can lead to "evil" occurrences but cannot be blamed for the root of all evil.

Bacon Tomato Lettuce
6/2/2010 01:47:35 pm

Well I believe that greed is the root of all evil, so I'm going to lean towards profit. Profit sways people to buy and do things that are not necessary. Such as how one would buy a sofa and believe that it would be the last sofa one would ever need. This may apply to a new laptop, a ying/yang table, or a perfect bed. Soon enough you'll love these things you own so much, that they'll own you. Some religions are even known for using fear or guilt to earn profit. All in all profit is the root of all evil because it is THE incentive for the greedy.

6/2/2010 02:37:55 pm

I lead the people not into temptation, but rather deliver them from evil. The roots of evil derive from the greeds of profit.

Con Fuzzled
6/2/2010 05:26:29 pm

As I read your question, I am utterly confused as to how religion can in any way be the root of evil. That is, if you mean the religions that I am thinking of, and not Satanism or any other other types of theologies of the sort. I believe that the typical religions that we see in today's society such as Christianity or even Buddhism encourage a person to improve themselves for the better and do good. Those that have a powerful faith for their religions are stronger in times of crisis, and this can only be beneficial to the person. I understand that religion causes a person to believe in and follow the foot steps of a higher being that humans can not physically prove to exist. However, as long they are guided into loving one another and having a strong sense of morals and values, there isn't really anything bad about it at all.
Perhaps if someone could elaborate how religion could result in evil, or maybe their idea of what is "evil", it work make more sense to me..

Peter Luu
6/3/2010 10:22:17 am

Neither profit nor religion are the root of evil. The root of evil is the fact that people can not control themselves, and they twist these ideas and take them too far. Everything should be taken in moderation, and it is up to the individual to determine how to act. You say profit is sinful? What happens when you share the profits then? Communism. Religion leads to discrimination? Religion is what gave us some of humanity's first laws regarding morality. Don't blame profit or religion, blame the individuals who use these ideas as an excuse for their actions.


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