The theme of the relation between science and profit has been debated in literature for hundreds of years. In literature, those who either sell science for profit or use profit as a driving force for their science have all met doom. Are the authors saying something? When you tangle up science with profit, is doom an invariable consequence? Is there an unbreakable link between science and profit?
5/31/2010 04:13:18 pm

When it comes to profit, people become greedy. They cannot control themselves and tend to just do it for the money. Science could be proven with many experiments whether its right or wrong. People have always wanted to know more and sometimes that can also lead to being greedy. The unbreakable link between knowledge and profit is very visible. Considering that there is always a consequence when knowledge and money pops, we can't really avoid it.

Abdul Mohammed Cindy
5/31/2010 04:24:35 pm

Science is inherently a search for the "answer." Humans seek to understand the very workings of the universe in order to become more enlightened about his/her own conditions. When profit is introduced, the search for knowledge is tainted by greed and disastrous results always occur. Greed can sever the moral bindings that govern projects such as human experimentation and cloning and thus warp the noble pursuit of science into something perverse. I do believe there is an unbreakable link because the search for more, whether it be more knowledge or more profit, is part of human nature itself.

Jason Nguyen
5/31/2010 04:24:38 pm

Science IS profit. With every scientific breakthrough, there will be money to be made. Science costs money and effort, and that must be reimbursed. The drug company, Incyte, has a patent for over 2,000 human genes. Imagine how much money was spent in research and imagine the value that they tag it with. It will lead to invariable doom because soon, all genes will have a patent on them. Plant genes are also patented by companies as well! Science is a very profitable business and because of that, science will forever be linked to money, and as the saying goes, "Money is the root of all Evil"

Kevin Phu-Thinh Nguyen
6/1/2010 12:24:17 pm

Science and money go hand in hand, scientists need money for the research and in the end gain money for whatever they found out if it turned out to be useful. Most people feel scientist abuse their research to shell out the government's money, which leads people to a false assumption that people in the science fields are only in it to lie and make money. When an author links this to his/her works the author is either expressing his/her own ideas or trying to 'shout' out an idea the readers can relate to.

Kevin Ha
6/2/2010 08:37:06 am

Two types of scientists exist in this world, one, in which research for the good of the people, and the other , who research for the gain of money.However, it is inevitable to receive money if you have discovered something so vast and important, that money is the only gift a person can receive. Honor? the meaning of that has changed throughout the years, so honor to a greedy scientist, would mean nothing. People who become scientists for the good of the world, also receive money in any kind or way. It is inevitable to receive money, because truthfully, money brings power. Knowledge brings money, money brings greed.


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