Cloning is undoubtedly controversial. However, it is a fact that if this new technology were used correctly, cloning would be very beneficial to society. Some people also consider cloning morally incorrect because lives are being saved and improving at the probability of the expense of a clone. Does somebody who agrees with the use of cloning to save lives have a corrupted sense of morality if cloning is also considered morally and ethically wrong?
Kevin Ha
5/31/2010 03:12:33 pm

The individual that believes in the process of " cloning" a certain species, or certain individual is neither morally or immorally correct. As life on earth has begun, technology has grown, and became at a state where we could do anything by just sitting down. However, what are the real principles of life? With all of our growing minds, what real principles of life is still there? Technology has benefited us with health, and many advantages that we could never do without it. Cloning to save lives is absolutely not wrong, nor is it right.
Cloning would allow us to help many individuals with their medical problems, rather it would transform the entire world. Thus, will it go against the " morals of life"?, will it alter what "birth" is? If a person is cloned, that meant it was artificially made, so the word "birth" would have a different meaning. So the person that believes cloning to save lives would be well supported, thus they would also be judged for how " inhumane " or " wrong" cloning a human would be.

Liezl Anne Macabuhay Hernandez
6/1/2010 01:38:42 pm

The phenomenon of cloning can indeed be beneficial to society. Cloning can further aide into scientific development. It can allow the rebirth of deceased organisms, prevent endangered species from becoming extinct, and create healthier beings. However, the world will simply be marked with "perfect individuals" and genetic diversity will cease to exist. If cloning were successful and readily exposed to the public, the procedure of cloning organisms will indefinitely be abused for either political or economic reasons. And then there is the idea that a perfect human being can be created through the process of cloning. Eventually, humans which do not possess desirable characteristics will soon be socially unaccepted and frowned upon by society.
So it all comes down to whether or not cloning is inhumane or morally right. If one should support cloning to save mankind, there is nothing ethically wrong with that. The question lies in whether or not we will use cloning for our own advantage.

Anthony Doan
6/1/2010 04:13:50 pm

The process of cloning could be considered inhumane or morally right. This is due to the effect of society. If society believes that cloning is inhumane then others will believe that it would be inhumane even thought it could be used to save countless of lives. An example for this is that some religions believe that cloning is wrong because it affects the things taught in the religion. Due to this, the many people who follow these religions also think that cloning is wrong because their religion or society tells them that it is.


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