Oftentimes, the profit from doing something ends up being more than what the individual originally bargained for.  Within many literary works, such profit ultimately result in the destruction of the individual.  Discuss a real-life situation in which profit becomes a burden for a particular individual.
5/30/2010 12:40:49 pm

If one profits too much from say, a business, they would become prone to things such as vandalism, blackmail, etc, as they would be competition to others in the same marketing field. Money and things of the sort can also corrupt one morally, by turning all concern one had towards making that profit.

6/1/2010 02:02:52 pm

Well since this "burden" always results to the destruction of the individual, we can't really say that we can avoid it. Everyone has their own little greed inside them, no matter what they say. For example, someone gambling. They gamble their money away and they can also gamble their family. The individual would lose many things and sometimes he/she might not be able to repair the problem.

6/2/2010 02:32:10 pm

Building a profit requires a certain amount of success. Necessary to profit, being successful creates a reputation of success that needs to be maintained. By having profits, the individual becomes burdened by the necessity of maintaining this image of success that comes alongside the profit. This idea applies to many of today's celebrities where scandals and criticism may damage the their image. Consequently, these things also inflicts a toll on their profits.

6/3/2010 03:43:20 pm

The question itself is very subjective. It is asking you to answer in an extremely pessimistic attitude. "Work to learn, not to earn" (Robert T. Kiyosaki). In my opinion, there is no such thing as a burden in regards to profit for an individual. So, in reality there is no real life situation this exists. No matter which way you have succeeded or failed, you have always gained the most important virtue in life. Knowledge.


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