Is it ethical or morally right to benefit financially from cultivation of stem cells? Would you choose to use stem cells if it was the only way to survive?
5/30/2010 03:03:00 pm

Yes, it is ethical because companies who do sell stem cells are legitimate businesses through way of providing a wholly beneficial service to people (there exists empirical evidence that stem cells can combat a wide host of neurological diseases and be used to produce organs and tissue). Yes, I would opt for stem cells if it was the solely viable option because they carry little risk of medical complications and can be cultivated readily.

6/3/2010 12:32:59 pm

yes, i would choose to use stem cells if it was the only ways to survive and it ultimately could help save a person's life The cells also carry little risk so it could we could beneficial.

Stephanie Le
6/3/2010 03:41:02 pm

There is a controversy, though, in using stem cell research, but if it was the only way to survive, I would choose it. Even though some people think that it is wrong to clone things or help grow more cells, there is a goodness behind it otherwise scientists wouldn't have developed it in the first place.

Stem cells can help people who need it and it can give people a second chance at life, one they never truly experienced. Though it goes against nature and its course, people who live after their experience usually are grateful enough to contribute back to the world. So in a way, it is beneficial both ways.


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