Science and Prophet/Profit

In The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells, a mad scientist obsesses over creating a completely new species of bestial humanoids, disrupting the balance of nature. Many scientists seek this absolute power and knowledge of God, ensuring the ability to name one’s destiny. The question then involves the powers of a prophet, who is able to communicate with the gods, holding the knowledge of the gods. Through the connection between prophet and god, the paths of destiny are revealed to the prophet. What is the impetus of mankind’s thirst for knowledge: profit or the knowledge a prophet holds?
6/1/2010 12:06:31 pm

I would have to say the impetus of mankind's thirst for knowledge is profit. All humans are inspired to action either to benefit themselves or to benefit others but undoubtedly there is always an underlying motive. Isn't it the main motive of today's researchers to improve life for the human race? There is rarely news of people learning just for the sake of learning.

6/1/2010 12:55:50 pm

While many scientists seek the powers of a prophet, they themselves are truly searching for power. Knowing one's own destiny and the destinies of others puts one in a greater position and gives one the upper hand. Since power is often seen as being synonymous with security, many people spend their whole lives seeking it. The impetus of mankind's thirst for knowledge is strictly for profit.

Charlene Tran
6/1/2010 12:58:20 pm

everyone's own destiny lies with their own hands. If one doesn't take advantage,like in one's education, then his or her future isn't going to be a successful one. Whether we want to or not, we need to learn so that we can profit from it in the future. I think most people want to profit from getting an education, as in order to have a successful career so that they can make money. But there ARE people who want to just learn just for the sake of learning, like about things they are interested about.

Victor "Mr. Squirrel Chan" Garcia
6/1/2010 01:46:05 pm

Greed is what drives man to continue to want more power. Therefore they would do anything to reach the powers of a god. These doctors lose sight of what a good heart is. They may start off good, but they end up being mad and a perfect example is Full Metal Alchemist. People search for the Philosopher's Stone to seek cures and in order to make it they have to cause a genocide or obliterate a major town. The power to become a prophet and choose one's destiny is what drives these scientists. Those who are driven to the extent become insane.

6/1/2010 02:09:31 pm

I'd say thirst for power and some money along the way. By being able to predict the future, one can alternate and manipulate their own to their liking. It's mainly a quest for power.

Philippe Fontaine
6/2/2010 11:46:55 am

Ah, but the impetus is of course profit. Every actions are, consciously or not, undertaken as to get a "reward" or some kind, either to one or legion.
To those who might say impetus is knowledge alone, think about this: if the pen is mightier than the sword; then why are words meaningless when compared to actions?

Knowledge will draw power, as power will draw profit.

6/2/2010 02:53:09 pm

I claim this impetus to be that of mankind's lust towards profit. I believe that the human nature of mankind only performs certain deeds out of their own promise of gain. With that said, one would not act upon a certain task, unless one were to acquire something out of it.

Lily Do
6/2/2010 02:57:10 pm

I would have to say knowledge that the prophet holds. Knowledge is what helps them find power, which gives them more advantages.

David Phan
6/2/2010 03:04:49 pm

The impetus of mankind's thirst for knowledge is both for profit and for the sake of knowledge. In the end, it all leads to profit because learning is in itself a reward. Both are correct answers.

Bill Ngo
6/2/2010 03:07:07 pm

Although scientists continuously work hard to discover new knowledge and to share their discoveries with the world, I believe that their ultimate purpose for working is their desire for personal glory. Others may say that knowledge is the reward, but the knowledge is worth nothing if it cannot be applied. Therefore, the profit or reward is what drives mankind to make discoveries

6/2/2010 05:07:52 pm

Scientists are initially motivated by the search for knowledge, yet some become misguided and their search for knowledge may turn into one solely for profit. Knowledge unbeknown to anyone else can be used as an advantage, and this advantage has the ability to gain the scientist recognition (benefiting both their economic situation and their pride), therefore being the impetus for discoveries.


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