Science and profit are two parallel elements that are typically portrayed to have evil or negative consequences. Despite this, are there ever cases where the profit justifies the means of the science? When does science and profit have a positive outcome?
Nhi Nguyen
6/2/2010 02:19:57 am

Science and profit can result in a positive outcome when profit continues its cycle around the world while science enhance our ability to help others and save ourselves from --- ourselves.

Elizajane Wright
6/2/2010 02:50:38 pm

Profit only justifies science when the science is the most up to date, and, in the case of medical related cures, when something that works better doesn't cost ten's of millions of dollars more because it's a way to make money, or when up to date and or new cures aren't hidden in order to make money off of daily taken medications.


Science has always been ambiguous starting from its roots, transcending the laws of morality and humanity. It pushes at those boundaries, but when science is used for profit, it defies the purpose of science. Profits can justify a means to anything, as long as the person behind the show profits from the act. Science is a way of learning the hidden facts of life, what controls the hidden forces that restrain us from doing things like flying and breathing underwater.

6/3/2010 10:46:29 pm

Profit is the driving force of all things. All forms of innovation, including science, needs money and investors. Historically, the upper classes were the inventors and innovators because they either had the resources to fund their studies and research, or had wealthy patrons that allowed them to do so. Today, we would not have had most of the new medications and innovations if money was not put into those programs. The money from those programs come from nvestors, who invest to make profit, which is driven by new discoveries and innovations. It's the circle of li-- I mean, it's a vicious cycle.


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