Vicky Nguyen

Vicky has a great smile to accompany her. A collected person, Vicky carefully considers every thought before speaking her mind.  When she does, her thoughts are usually very interesting and thought-provoking. Though quiet, she has a lovely voice, and she's very observant to boot.


She is quiet as can be, but a little patience and coaxing and there will be some amazing artwork, a burst of color and paint flowing across the pages like the rainbow harnessed and tamed to the confines of paper. Don’t underestimate her ;) She is a very shy and quiet person, “with a mind full of smarticalness!” Lauren is quick to add. “Her quietness is what makes her cute, though.” (≧ロ≦);;


“Eat it, Karen.”



Tina Tran

A person with a great sense of humor, Tina is also well known as one of the most persistent students. She’s a very intelligent human being that overthinks every situation, but somehow becomes successful with everything she does. She's uber inspirational. :D Tina is the sheer definition of hardcore intelligence and makes awesome man impersonations (in terms of voice LOL). She has a superb model walk as well, and never fails to make somebody laugh with her unexpected quirks. ;D She is an awesome friend although she is able to open up a can of KAPOOOW on you, heheh. ω


She makes many references to Lady GaGa in class, and while completely crazy and always ready with a rather violent expletive, she is also down to earth when you need her to be. Though she insists she isn’t, she is extremely insightful; she will always surprise you. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating her and turning your back – you might find her leaving you in the dust with a triumphant (curse-peppered) cackle echoing in the air.

“OH S*** M*****F*****!”

“Hey, I’m Tina Tran.” >:P

“Hey, hey Khue – I’m gangster.” B)


Khue Tran

While regarded as smart, Khue also has a surprisingly morbid sense of humor that will become apparent the longer you are around her. Khue is a sadistic, yet funny person whose typos are the result of pure happiness and sleep-high. She hates Robert Pattinson as much Le, and tends to mistake cellular respiration for "respular celluration."


She has a certain way with words, and you can take her extensive vocabulary and compile it all into a dictionary. Khue is a musically talented person with intelligent thoughts and a very nice and generous person who offers help to anybody. She excels at whatever she puts her mind to. She can easily cheer up somebody who is down in the very depths of despair. She recently chopped off her hair into a shoulder length cut.ヽ(^ ~ ^) ノ

“This is not gonna end well.”

"Oh, that's lovely."

"Screw you guys, I'm going home."

Kimberly Phan

Kimberly is definitely one of the most artistic of our group, and a bit of a demented artist whose sense of originality is beyond imagination.  Her creativity will take her to places she never dreamed of, "like Paris." Kimberly’s talents on paper make themselves obvious when she is bored and left with a pencil and a scrap of paper, or when she pulls out all the stops for special occasions.

She is absolutely flaily and incorrigible when it comes to her love of her art and her piano. There are few who can quite match her level of verbal keysmashing, and she is an adorable genius with a dry and sarcastic sense of humor that is easily excited, as well as easily amazed. Kimberly is a piano prodigy in disguise who sleeps very late at night (or shall we say morning?). (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ



"_________, man~!"


Lauren Tran

No matter who you ask, Lauren is definitely the sweetest person out of all of us, and really very innocent. She’s a friendly person who will not hesitate to help anyone, despite the trouble they're having. Lauren is the nice one of the group, basically, and she makes it easy to be excited or optimistic (or both) about things, even when the situation seems terrible.

Like Kimberly, she gets excited over the littlest things, and is very affectionately known to enjoy collecting spare change that's occasionally scattered throughout the school. She is an absolute angel who’ll scan the ground for the faintest glint of even the dullest penny. She might come off as cotton candy to you, but she is just as quick to join in the joking and deliver an unexpected quip. It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for ;D

“You have to listen to this song!”

"OMG a penny!"



Le Duong

Le is known by most to be sarcastic, loud, and hilarious. She’s a person with a dry wit and blunt words – there will be no fluff here, except when she has a word limit to deal with. She enjoys picking out typos while making many of her own, resulting in some classic moments. Le is very straight forward, intelligent and honest. :’D Don’t underestimate this petite girl! <`´> 


In addition to being one of the most active people in the classroom, she's also the one who arguably provides the most laughs with her randomness. The trail of laughter she leaves in her wake is testament to her well-timed witticisms. She’s spazzy and whacky, but a with a heart of gold (and soul of silver; inside jokes are win). There is no one with a faster tongue, except perhaps Voldemort.

“You know what happened? Obama won an electron!”

“Oh, really?”

"Oh, I love myself."


Jeannie Dai

Purported to be strange, extremely outgoing, and also friendly, Jeannie is an absolutely unforgettable personality. She is an honest person who will always be a source of endless entertainment. Jeannie is the eccentric artist who's always on the front lines and a very touchy person with her friends. Amazingly talented with her artwork, Jeannie also possesses some serious musical ability.

No one brightens up a day faster than she can, and you can be assured that whatever classroom she is in she can liven up the atmosphere with just a few words. Jeannie is a very bubbly and cute girl who never hesitates to say “GOOD MORNING” in the late afternoon. Nice and peppy, she causes countless funny moments and can make anybody smile. ( ^___^)=mm=(^___^ )

"Good morning~!" /the clock reads 1:59 pm

 “Oh yeah, huh!”

“Wow, ______ you're so smart!”


Kelly Nguyen

When it comes to fashionable, Kelly is probably one of the first names to come to mind. She is the fashionista of the class. While she's quite quiet in class, she opens up outside the classroom and proves to be an awesome and solid friend. Kelly is somebody whom you can always depend on. When she walks, she sometimes accidentally holds hands with that person when they both swing their arms during PE. ( ゚ ヮ゚)


Kelly’s hospitality is well appreciated by her group members, as a person who has opened her home and her heart to entertain her group members. She is a little unpredictable and just as you expect her to be all at the same time; she may seem sweet and a little prim at first glance, but she has an unseen side that is absolutely devilish and quick-tongued. Don’t always expect quiet – she can totally make herself heard if needed, with hilarious effect.

"The microwave blows out the internet."




Miranda Sanchez

More musical than most of us, Miranda is intelligent and has a talent for her drums and is a person who will never cease to make Le laugh with her wanting to eat more Asian foods. “She's so beautiful and talented she makes me jealous,” Le says. Though beauty is subjective, the general tone seems to be in consensus with Le in our group, and despite the pressures of band can always juggle the work.


There is always going to be some music in the vicinity when she’s around. She is definitely one of the sweeter ones in our group, and made of awesome. You can always get a great conversation out of her and she’s absolutely the best sport for putting up with the rest of us crazy Asians. Sorry for the grief, Miranda. XD She is a nice and friendly person with a warm personality, and very fun to be with! (゚▽^*)ノ

“(insert name of choice here), really?”


“...That's interesting.”

Jessica Pham

Jessica is seriously loud – she is one of those cases where you will probably hear her long before you see her, and she knows it. There are many things we can say about Jessica; her personality is very bubbly and makes the people around her both laugh and cry at the same time. You just can't miss her. Or her voice, for that matter (LOL). She is a rocking dancer, but her personality and her love for her friends are as strong and epic as her voice.


In general consensus, she is louder than an aircraft at Mach 3 and more clingy than Velcro. There is no such thing as tuning this girl out, especially when the fingers start trailing up your back with a resoundingly disturbing giggle in your ears. Even with all this, she is still a hyper and optimistic girl who has a never ending supply of energy (except when she needs her caffeine; she’ll take her coffee black, thanks). She is loving, caring, and helpful.
(。´ω ' 。)

“HI, MR. LIM!!!!!!!!!!!” /insert ears ringing here

“Oh, she knows I love her.” /creepy giggling