Acknowledgments. :D

Okay, it took us a long way to get here, so we have a lot [like, A LOT] of people to thank.

Kelly- Merci beaucoup [thank you berry much ;D] for willingly offering to have your humble [yet amazingly massive O.O] home serve as a working place for 10 giggly teenage girls. We apologize for any damage caused.

Le & Khue - Ehehehe...well, a "thank you" alone isn't enough to express our gratitude. You're the ones who took and shared the leadership for this project. 

Ms. Dadabhoy - OH MY GOD. O.O Thank you for being an awesomely awesome [please excuse our redundancy there] teacher all year. Sorry for all those awkward silences during book discussions...ehehehe. Also, words alone cannot express our gratitude to you for enriching our minds with the jewels from the treasure trove of literature. [OHHHHHH, THAT SOUNDS COOL O.O] We gals should all go shopping together someday. ;D The female population of the class has come to an official consensus - you're one of the trendiest teachers on campus. :D 

Forum-ers- Thanks for your thoughtful time-consuming responses to our questions in order for us to achieve our great grades.

Alrighty, now...this goes out to all you [dead] geniuses. Consider this as a posthumous honor. ;D [, to those of you who are still alive, consider this as a, um......non-posthumous honor. o.o]

Mrs. Nancy Farmer - The novel was absolutely wonderful ! It was a great read and we were totally hooked on it (:

Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson - Your story had the most unexpected twist ever ! It had us befuddled XD

Mrs. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley - Your use of words gave us the CHILLS . Amazing horror novel :D

Mr. H.G. Wells - The way you described your beasts gave a VERY vivid image. Something similar to those horror movies.

Mr. Christopher Marlowe - Wow, man. Just wow. Epic play, epic characters. Even though it was written in that SUPER DEE DUPER Old English language that many of us have difficulty understanding, it was still awesome. :D [Psst - one of the characters in the manga/anime Shaman King is based off of your main protagonist. Good work, sir. ;D]

Mr. Samuel Taylor Coleridge -  ...Good sir, your poem was so epic that we didn't understand what the heck was going on until the teacher explained it to us. o.o And once we DID get it... *whistle* that's an awesome piece of work there, man. O.O So deep. You could probably fill the oceans with the amount of deepness that your poem contained.

And last but not least, a round of applause for all of us, ladies. :D

Jessica - Thank you for all your hard work! :D That, and for keeping us alive and lively when we're about to fall into our dreaded zombie modes. ;D

Le - O GREAT LEADER, WE BOW DOWN TO YOU. :O ...Psst. In the future, we should keep contact so we can pick on other peoples' typos together. ;D [...I-I can't think of anything else to say. You're just that awesome. XD]

Khue - O GREAT LEADER, WE BOW DOWN TO YOU TOO. :O Thanks, Khue, for entrancing us with your fancy way with words. Just being able to read the little biographies that you wrote for everyone was an honor. :D

Tina - LOL thanks for keeping us laughing [inside and outside the classroom] with your random, erm, innuendos and references to Lady GaGa. You're awesome. ;D

Lauren - Well, you know that they say. It's the quiet ones that you have to look out for [same goes for Vicky ;D]. Thanks for keeping us going with your random inputs and ideas. They were quite helpful for everyone. :D

Miranda - Thank you so much for willingly putting up with a bunch of crazy girls like us. XD Yes, we're strange, but we hope that it brought a bit of laughter and pizzazz to your day. :D Thank you for everything. Really. ^____________^

Kelly - Yes, like Miranda, we made you put up with us and our craziness. XD Sorry 'bout that. ^O^; Anyway, thanks again for letting us use your house as a meeting place. By the have one of the nicest bathrooms ever. o.o [Yes. I have a thing for fancy bathrooms.]

Vicky - ...Yet again. IT'S THE QUIET ONES THAT YOU HAVE TO LOOK OUT FOR. Okay, like Miranda and Kelly, we made you deal with our insanity. But thank you for dealing with it with a smile. :D Also, you make our jaws drop with your art. Like SERIOUSLY. O.O

Jeannie- Like Tina, you made all of us laugh with your random moments and displays of affection. XD You and Tina are like a package deal. You two should become a comedy duo once you're older. You won't need to think up any jokes - you'll make people laugh just by being yourselves. :D And, Jeannie, despite what you think, you're not gross or ugly! We all think you're awesome!

Alright. That's all for today, folks. :D We sincerely hope that you enjoyed our website. :D

Signing off,
                             Jeannie [the eccentric artist on the front lines] & Kimberly [the demented artist in the corner].



*insert lingering malicious laughter*

~ ...Mission accomplished, man. Over & OUT. ~ [<--- That part was kinda unnecessary, but I just put it in there because it sounded cool. ;D]