According to the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights (1997), “Practices which are contrary to human dignity, such as reproductive cloning of human beings, shall not be permitted…”.Do you agree with this excerpt? What is your opinion on cloning? In what ways are cloning beneficial to society?
Tamarisk :DD
6/2/2010 01:11:41 pm

i do agree with the excerpt, cloning may be a great opportunity for a human to be able to do, although it can be seen as both benefit and harmful, depending on who is capable of cloning. i do see cloning to be a very fascinating thing although i do not see cloning as beneficial to our society. i believe that cloning to be harmful to the society because the worlds population is high enough and there is no need to over populate the world anymore then it is. some people may see that cloning people with brilliant minds will help the world excel more socially and economically, but think of all the possible things that can go wrong. if a person with that much intelligence can even consider cloning himself or others, it may all just all be for greediness or just to calm their curiosity. clones can just be seen as heartless fake humans but that can always come to their advantage and one day they can take over the world.

CLoneing can also be beneficial to society, because it gives a way for scientist or other people to experiment with this area of research more and get a better understanding of the subject. this may also end up helping us find ways to clone more helpful things in society, such as food so we can get more surplus of food and maybe other useful things yet to be found. cloning may lead to many more great opportunities

set aside the things that may go wrong.

Linda Nguyen
6/2/2010 01:19:30 pm

cloning is not necessarily a practice that is "contrary to human dignity". the excerpt is rather onesided and only analyzes the detrimental effects, as the prohibition implies that cloning is overall something negative. cloning, like every other thing on the face of the earth, has some pros and cons, but i feel that it is not generally a bad thing. it contributes to the ever expanding world of science and technology & creates new life in something that was once deceased. most of the cons of cloning are moral issues. some people feel that what's dead should be left dead, and that the clone, if human, is not fully human. the clone may feel isolated from society because of that, and may look to criminal life as a solution, a fate similar to that of Frankenstein's monster. also, since cloning gives the opportunity to create "perfect" human beings, eventually those who are perceived to not have that "perfection" w ill be looked down upon, and the standards of society will radically change.

6/2/2010 01:32:52 pm

Yes, I agree with this quote, cloning of a human should not ever be allowed. While today we may have the technology "to do" something, we do not necessarily have the moral mandate "to do" that something. Therefore, we must hold to some basic truth principles. According to the Catholic Church, a human being must be respected as a person from the moment of CONCEPTION, the very first instance of existence. It is a HUMAN, because the fertilized egg/sperm will not turn into anything else, except a human being alone. Therefore, from this fact, we must respect the unborn child as a human and its inviolable right to life from the moment of conception until natural death. The Catholic Church states that "Any production of human beings for the sake of experimentation, research, or the harvesting of organs is morally wrong. Such actions reduce a human being to simply disposable biological material. Any medical research or observation which jeopardizes the health or life of the unborn child is morally wrong." We must strive to protect the dignity and the sanctity of human life, even from the moment of conception, where life begins. Anything that destroys the dignity of human life...such as human cloning....can never be justify as right.

6/2/2010 01:44:24 pm

Yes, I do agree with some of this excerpt. The portion I do agree with is that cloning does deny human dignity. Clones may live a day on Earth like a regular human being, but it is denied feelings. It cannot feel the emotions that helps to distinguish us,human beings, apart. At the same time, I do not agree with this excerpt because it is only looking at the evil perspective of cloning. Even though it denies human dignity and emotional feelings, it helps the world to become a better and safer place. For example, it helps in the scientific and medical field because scientists are able to discover new types of medicines to cure epidemic diseases and sickness that have been around for a long time. In contrast to the good things done with cloning, there are bad things too. For instance, people may take advantage of cloning themselves many times because people are not always perfect. They can be greedy, and they may possibly would like to clone themselves for the clones to do their work for them.

Vivian Hoang
6/2/2010 04:47:00 pm

Cloning has its advantages and diadvantages. Its only okay for certain cases and for scientific purposes only. An example would be that medical group can create healthy lungs for cancer patients and that would benefit alot for the soceity. On the other hand,I believe that life should be a new creation evertime. Everyone has different aspects and personalities and cloning would get in the way of that. Cloning can be a big interference natural cycle of human and animal life. Also cloning is against many people's religions. In my view,it all depends on the situation that cloning should be exceptional.

Mary Nguyen
6/3/2010 11:30:47 am

Cloning has its own benefit in helping an individual have an increase in his/her life expectancy, but in contrast they would not be able to the experience the nature of creating a human being, therefore I due agree to this excerpt. Anyone would desire to continue living on Earth's surface and with a new evolution for advance technology, it would someday happen. However, consequences would arise from the action of cloning that would have a major impact on society as well as the environment. Death and reproduction is a natural process that every individual experience in his/her lifetime, but with the addition of cloning, the natural process would be disrupted. Earth has a maximum number of individuals it could maintain, but with the developing of cloning, the number would increase exponentially, causing a limited supply of space and natural resources. Creating clones would limit the number of factors of disease causing syndromes but with everyone perfect and precisely manufactured, it limits the different characteristics that make a human being special. Cloning also conflicts with religious teachings where each human being are created by God, but with cloning as the main priority for reproduction, mankind would be taking the place of God through the creation of cures, weapons, and technologies.

However, human cloning could also be a benefit without being neglected and misuse. Couples who desire to have offspring, but are unable to because they are infertile or have inherited a genetic disorder, could consider creating a clone. Human clones could be substitutes for organ transplant to save dying patients, but the segregation of clone and human would be view as an inhumane action. Cloning could also preserve a group of people from extinction whose language would continue to remain on Earth, as well as increasing biodiversity on Earth. With a new evolution in science, cloning could be a trigger to a chain of reaction in establishing greater discoveries beyond the power of man. So, the overall point of cloning is to bring the once dead to life and with the help of science, what was once impossible, such as cloning, would one day become a reality in the future.

6/3/2010 12:50:49 pm

I agree with this excerpt since reproductive cloning can interfere with the human world. There may be a possibility that the clones will live longer than humans. As a result, not only will it bring complications to the clones but to mankind as well. If each "perfect" clone continued to live on, eventually the mortality rate of the human population will increase because the existence of life includes the battle for resources that power survival. Therefore, if the "perfect" clones consume most of the resources they may eventually dominate mankind. In conclusion, this is like an insult to human dignity.

Although cloning has its cons and disadvantages, cloning can be beneficial to society. Reproductive cloning may help a human's desire to be with someone and etc.

6/4/2010 03:39:22 pm

Yes their are the consequences when manipulating with the human genes and changing the way humans have been for decades, centuries, and just in life in general. However, with extra colons the world in need for those extra hands will be available. Such as, those extra hands needed in dire times when destruction hits; tsunamis, wars, medical help, and etc. These extra hands may save the lives of many other humans, but they don't guarantee the full potential of a what a true human being is capable of.
Not only does colons reflects another human being but it also lives that life for another human being in a different way for them. The pro to this would be the colon as an experiment to life, however consequences are great since with identity theft since a colon is the copy of you. Your life many go to ruins or take the sunny side road. Therefore, the outcome of cloning has a fifty fifty chance of its good and bad. If society were to play with the human genetics, consequences will be and play.


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